Tips on writing a Job Description

A good job description is the foundation of an effective hiring process.

It’s your only chance at a first impression, so you’ve got to make it count. It’s time to pitch your company and make the potential candidates excited to apply.

If done correctly, a good job description can save you valuable time.

To help you out, we have put together our top three tips to get it right the first time.

Job Title

When choosing the job title, it needs to be clear and concise.

Although using titles such as “TechGuru” or “Web Design Wizard” show the relaxed, humorous nature of your company, it can often make it more difficult for candidates to find you.

Sticking to well-known job titles can boost your search results, as candidates are more likely to search generic terms.

Additionally, adding key phrases unique to this role can lead to a higher number of search returns.

Try using “Marketing Executive –Creative Content” instead of just “Marketing Executive” to help your SEO.

Attracting the right candidate

When writing your description, it should summarise the role’s key responsibilities and any essential skills and qualifications.

Make sure to highlight any essential skillsets or qualities that may be unique to this role in your company and any beneficial or desirable expertise.

This not only adds keywords for your SEO but can also pique further interest in the role.

Don’t forget to keep it concise. Too many requirements can be off-putting to candidates. Try to keep to the max. of six bullet points.

To salary or not to salary?

This may seem daunting but including the salary in your job description result in more candidates being encouraged to apply.

When searching for openings, candidates will look for opportunities that meet their needs, so adding a salary range allows them to filter to job openings that match their expectations while minimising unsuitable applications.

How to structure your Job Description

1. Job title

2. Company overview

3. Job description and summary

4. Role responsibilities

5. Essential and desirable requirements

6. Company benefits

How we can help

Hiring the right candidate is a big responsibility, and that starts with a good job description.

Following our steps above will help block out the noise and fine-tune your selection process.

Here at Identify Solutions, we can help optimise your search by offering an honest, transparent, and trustworthy approach.

We will dedicate our time to finding the best solutions for both our clients and candidates.

Hiring, made simple.

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