How to develop an employee value proposition

Why do businesses need an employee value proposition?

The recruitment landscape has changed. The job seeker has more choice than ever. Now the remote working strategy is gaining more and more popularity, showcasing how your company values its staff is integral to attracting – and keeping, the right staff. By developing a strong employee value proposition, you can clearly define your company’s brand, and the benefits that come with working for you. It is all well and good to examine how a potential staff member can benefit your organisation; but what benefit can you bring to them?

An EVP allows you to set out clear values and expectations for current and potential employees to work towards. Further to this, it can improve your retention. By developing a great cultural setting and benefits package, you will employ staff that align with your values and expectations. In this blog, we will outline the basic steps to building an EVP and get you on your way to finding the right talent for your organisation.

Understand expectations.

In the initial planning stages of an employee value proposition, the key is to really understand your business strategy. To recruit the right talent, you first need to master the key drivers behind your plans for business growth; and therefore, a need to commission staff. You can use these goals to demonstrate the pivotal qualities required from potential employees, as they will be vital in your quest to hit those targets. By converting these qualities into leading attributes advertised in job descriptions, you are more likely to attract and retain the right person for the job.

Research, research, research.

Now is the time to look at the value your organisation gives to its employees. It is a great idea to talk to staff, discover what you currently offer employees that works well. What do staff enjoy about working there? It may prove advantageous for this research to be conducted through an anonymous survey, as you are more likely to gather honest feedback from employees about how they feel and what they would like.

By conducting a competitive analysis of your competition, you can gain further perspective of successful employee value propositions. Further to this, you can understand what sets you apart from these organisations. Many companies seek the help of a professional recruitment agency to help facilitate this. At Identify Solutions, we can correctly conduct a competitive analysis that will clearly show your position within your sector.

Strategy and design

Finally, after all the research and planning you need to put your findings into action. The key to a successful employee value proposition is the way you depict your organisation. Yes, you are attempting to bring in the talent and skills you need, but you will not attract the right fit for your company if you do not showcase yourself correctly. Make candidates aware of your mission statement, the ethos of the company and what you stand for. People want to know why they should work for you, and where the job can take them.

Producing and rolling out a successful employee value proposition is a huge task and can be daunting for those who have yet to develop one. A highly skilled recruitment company will have the knowledge and experience to help you get this right. At Identify Solutions, we can work with you to create a bespoke EVP that aligns with your business goals and sets you apart from your competition – making you an employer of choice.

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