Top 5 tips to secure your dream role in social media

The social media scene is exciting and constantly evolving with the latest innovations, trends and new platforms – it is also increasingly difficult to break into.

It can be daunting knowing where to start, especially if you’re unsure whether to apply for opportunities in-house or target roles with marketing agencies.

Here are our top 5 tips on how to land your dream role in social media!

1. Start small

Potential employers will be looking for your ability to create innovative social media content and campaigns that drive target audiences towards a desired result.

While starting your first role in social media with an established marketing agency or big-brand business would be amazing, it can be difficult to make an impact if they already have a successful social media strategy in place.

Starting in less-desirable sectors or smaller companies can enable you to channel your creative spirit early in your career, make a more significant impact and give you the exposure and achievements to impress future employers.  

2. Never be afraid to evolve your skillset

With many of the younger generation using various social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat daily – how can you make sure you stand out in an over-crowded market?

Employers will often look for someone who can diversify their current teams’ skillset. Developing skills sought for in marketing departments will give you a competitive edge. (Check out desirable skills in marketing job descriptions or research online)

Be curious and get creative – look up tutorials, workshops and online classes for software or tools you want to develop skills in. Industry leaders like Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Facebook often run discounted and free trials on some of their tools – so keep an eye out!

3. The power of a creative portfolio

Along with a well-written CV, a portfolio is a great way to showcase your most impressive work to potential employers. 

Your portfolio allows you to demonstrate your creativity, promote your skills, and tell stories through the projects you share, enabling your dream employers to better understand your capabilities and what you can bring to their business.  

4. What are your passions?

Showcasing your passions can further strengthen your CV and portfolio. The simplest and easiest way to do this is to demonstrate your social media skills through personal interest or hobby – that allows you to highlight your genuine interest through the content you have created and posted on social media.

Create a social media account dedicated to your passion and post regular content to try and build an organic audience of followers. Live music videos, photography, food reviews, sports commentary, travel diaries, short stories – the possibilities are endless.

Posting original and authentic updates will showcase your understanding of a particular subject, how to captivate intended audiences and how you’d adapt and evolve your content to generate more organic followers.

5. Get creative with your application 

Ensuring your application and CV stands out in a fiercely competitive candidate market – requires more than simply uploading a snazzy CV and hitting the apply now button.

Before you apply for any role, research the company and thoroughly review the job advert/specification to familiarise yourself with the company’s tone of voice, use of language, and culture. Mirroring this style in your application will likely resonate better with recruiters and hiring managers when they review your CV. 

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