New Year, New Career.

For many, the end of one year and the start of another is a fitting time to ask yourself: What’s next for me?

The new year, new me resolutions kick in, and people become inspired to seek out new doors of opportunity and smash their goals.

So, with a month full of possibilities, how do you prepare yourself if the right job opportunity catches your attention?

We’ve gathered some top tips to give you the best head start.

Take time to reflect

Check-in with yourself before you prepare to start a new chapter, think about why you’re considering a change and ask yourself questions – this will encourage you to seek out your next role more strategically.

For example:

  • What needs to change in my current role?
  • Will my current employer be able to make the changes I need?
  • What are my career aspirations?
  • What skills can I bring to a new role?
  • What would I be looking for in a new role to make a change?

Outline a career plan

January is a fast-paced month, so it pays to get moving on your job search sooner rather than later. Formulating a career plan helps you define your ambitions and where you’d like to go. This foundation enables you to pinpoint what excites and motivates you. Once you have this in place it is much easier to decide whether a job opportunity is the right fit for you.

Optimise your LinkedIn profile

Most ambitious businesses and recruiters use LinkedIn to seek out fresh talent, making it the ultimate way to network with professionals in your sector. Make sure you get found by hiring managers or recruiters by optimising your LinkedIn profile.

You’ll want a strong summary/headline and a concise profile showcasing your roles, skills and key achievements.

Sign up for job alerts

Sign up to have job openings emailed to you so you are the first to know when a suitable role is available. Some roles have a quick turnaround and require someone to start fairly quick, so it can pay off to respond quickly and get the ball rolling.

Craft an adaptable cover letter

You may need to tweak your cover letter depending on the role or company you’re targeting, so aim for a letter that can be changed and tailored easily. Remember to inject some of your personality into your cover letter to stand out from the crowd.

Spring clean your CV

Ensure your CV is newly updated with your recent experience and skills so it’s ready to send at the press of a button. Once you’ve created your foundation, tailoring your CV for each role becomes less demanding and easier to manage for you (and your recruiter!).


Communication is key, especially as January is a busy time. Whether you’re waiting on a response on your application, interview date and time, or a job offer, be sure to check your emails regularly and make sure you don’t miss any important meetings or invites.

…And don’t be disheartened.

Rejection is often a natural part of the job hunt. It’s best to stay open-minded and don’t get discouraged. Build a relationship with your recruitment consultant, keep networking and applying to other jobs that interest you – your next exciting opportunity could be right around the corner.

Working with us can help alleviate the stress of your job hunt.

If you’re looking for a new start, we would love to hear about where you’d like to take yourself next.

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