Recruitment Aftercare: Get Pre-Onboarding Right

The recruitment process doesn’t end once you’ve had an offer accepted.

New hires thrive when they are made to feel comfortable, valued, and encouraged. That’s why aftercare is one of the most crucial parts of the recruitment process, yet despite this, it’s often neglected.

No one want’s radio silence before their first day in a new role. The period between offer acceptance and the first day matters and should be seen as an opportunity for employers to stay connected with their new employees.

So how can you make sure you keep your new employees engaged before their first day?


What is pre-onboarding?

In short, pre-employment onboarding is integrating a new employee into the company before their first day.

This model can replace the typical method of cramming all the onboarding information into the first day or week.

This way, instead of your new employee spending their first few days buried in paperwork, they can spend that time getting to know their coworkers, immersing themselves in your company culture and reviewing the work they’ll be starting.

Developing a structured and engaging pre-onboarding process is critical when it comes to hiring and retaining the right people.

What are the benefits of pre-onboarding?

  • Reduces the time it takes new hires to start working productively
  • Saves time for managers / HR teams who are onboarding
  • The new employee feels part of the team quicker
  • The first day becomes less overwhelming

How to create a pre-boarding plan

Start with look and feel

As a starting point, it’s a good idea to consider what you’d like your new employees’ first impression to be and how you want them to feel when they join you.

For example:

“I feel so prepared for my first day!”

“I already feel connected with some people at the company.”

“Wow, they’re really excited for me to join!”

“This business really cares about their employees.”

“I feel like part of the team already.”

“I feel validated about my decision to join this team.

Take a step back and think of how you were onboarded. Did you have all the information you needed? If not, what was missing? What else could have been done to make you feel any of the above phrases?

Integrate them before day one

Invite your new hire to pop by the office and give them a tour, introduce them to the team and show them where they’ll be working before they start.

You could also arrange a team lunch, so they can get to know their coworkers in a casual setting before the first day.

If the new hire will be working remotely or they’re unable to attend before they start, utilise technology and arrange some virtual meet-ups/ coffees.

Send a warm-welcome

As well as sending the all-important offer letter and HR forms to complete, you can get your new employee excited by giving them an inside look at the business by sharing:

  • Company Values: your story, mission, cultural values, goals, history, as well as an overview of growth plans.
  • Office Space: some recent photographs of the office so the new employee can visualise where they’ll be working.
  • Department Breakdown: the people and processes; what individual teams do; where people fit in, and how they collaborate.
  • Benefits and Perks: what employees receive beyond employment.

Encourage contact and connection

LinkedIn is the perfect way to stay in touch – not too casual and still professional. Encourage communication and collaboration between your existing employees and your new starter; this helps the new employee feel welcomed before they begin.

Set clear expectations

Starting a new role can be daunting for even the most confident of people. By setting a clear outline of expectations, timelines and schedules for the first couple of weeks, you are showcasing transparency and therefore putting the candidates’ minds at rest because they won’t be bombarded with a load of new information on their first day.

Be digitally engaging

Potential candidates and new starters are likely to follow your business on social media, so there’s ample opportunity to share useful sector content, as well as showcase your employer brand.

If people can look to your company for industry advice and genuinely learn something, it will help them position you as a potential long-term employer, as well as an industry leader.

Streamline the process

Remember to be realistic about the number of activities you want the new hire to carry out before their first day. Pre-onboarding is all about making sure that your new starter is given the best head start so they can be their best when they join.

Where we come in

We’re specialists in managing the end-to-end recruitment process, so whether you’re a business looking to grow your team or a candidate looking for their next step, we’re here to help.

Reach out to one of our team today to see how we can help you.

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