Top Tips for Remote Working

Since the start of the pandemic, remote working has been the go-to for most companies, and as the lockdown rules have eased, we’re now seeing more companies adopt a hybrid working model for their teams.

This has been a great success for most businesses as it’s increased productivity and team morale with an improved work-life balance.

However, it hasn’t gone as well for some, their work-life balance has blurred into one, and people find themselves feeling burnout.

If this is you, we’ve put together our top tips to help you get the best out of remote working.

Set up your home workspace

Whilst lying down in bed or lounging on the sofa sounds like a great idea in small doses, this can often play a part in blurring the lines of your work and life balance.

Consider setting up a designated workspace to help you contain your work life to an area where you can focus, free from distraction.

Top Tips for setting up a home workspace

  • Position your desk or work surface somewhere you have natural sunlight (or if this isn’t possible, somewhere nice and bright)
  • Keep your workspace clutter-free; the last thing you want to be seeing when you’re working is mess surrounding you
  • Ensure you have all the tools you need to work effectively, i.e., pad and pen, laptop and monitor, mouse and keyboard, headset or earphones, etc.
  • The furniture you choose matters; we’d recommend having an ergonomic office chair that’s made for the typical 9-5 office worker and a desk tall enough for you to have your screens at eye-level

Set yourself up for success!

To get yourself in the headspace for work, consider setting up a routine that closely mirrors your office routine.

Consider getting up around the same time and using any ‘commuting’ time to make room for any mental or physical wellbeing activities, whether that’s exercise, reading, enjoying your morning coffee, or spending more time with your family – make the most of your day!

Don’t forget to plan your day, so you can work as productively and effectively as possible – work smarter, not harder.

Give yourself breaks!

Even though you’re at home and in a more comfortable setting, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have breaks; taking time away from your screen is vital to maintaining your productivity and morale levels to prevent burnout.

The HSE recommends taking short breaks often instead of longer breaks less often.

Consider having 5-10 minutes breaks each hour to reset your brain by doing a task that doesn’t require you to stare at your screen or move around/stretch to change your posture.

Take advantage of being at home; walk around outside, sit out in the garden, enjoy a hot or cold drink, meditate, etc.

Don’t forget to socialise!

Remote working can feel a little isolating at times, so it’s important to keep in touch with your work colleagues; consider switching telephone calls to video calls, so you’re getting some face-to-face contact.

Don’t forget to arrange ‘coffee breaks’ with your colleagues to keep the fun, social elements of your day intact.

Make remote working your own

The benefit of remote working is that you have more flexibility to arrange your day around your everyday life.

If it suits your working patterns, change your scenery for the day, put some music on, listen to a podcast/audiobook, or consider meeting a friend for a morning coffee/lunch.

Whatever helps you be your most productive and happy self, do it! Make remote working your best work-life.

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