8 Quick Tips
to Help You on
Your Job Hunt

In today’s ever-increasing, competitive job market, it can be hard to know how to make yourself stand out from the crowd or even where to begin with your job hunt.

To help you get the best head start, our team have put together their top 8 tips on how to up your job hunt game.


Having just the one blanket CV template is the bare minimum; tailoring your CV to each role you apply for will increase the likelihood of you getting noticed.

Review your CV and make sure you’ve highlighted how your experience, knowledge, and skills align with the duties, expectations, and skills required to be successful in their role.

For more tips and advice on how to structure your CV, head to our previous CV blog.

Optimise your LinkedIn profile

When you consider that LinkedIn is a primary tool for 87% of recruiters, it would be a great idea to make sure you’re on LinkedIn yourself, and that you’ve optimised your profile – this way, you’re more likely to come up in a recruiter’s search list.

Consider adding a summary under each of your experiences, including:

  • An overview of your role and responsibilities
  • Key achievements (highlighting your skills)
  • Tools/systems used

Use the skills section on your LinkedIn profile to highlight your interpersonal skills, industry knowledge, tools, and technologies, which other people on LinkedIn can endorse you on.

Think outside the box

Don’t limit yourself to only submitting applications on job boards. Focus on becoming known to those in your network who could influence the next step in your career.

Contact companies that interest you directly, they may not be hiring right now, but all it takes is one successful response to land an interview.


Expanding your professional social network can allow you to develop further as a professional.

You may find it will open doors to more career opportunities, or you could find an essential piece of career advice, news, or insight that will help you take the next step in your career.

Research your target companies and their competitors

When you come across a job posting, it pays to do your research on the companies that are advertising.

Have a look through their socials, reviews, website, and Glassdoor to gain insight into the company’s culture, values, and what they could be like to work for.

Develop your portfolio

Don’t just rely on your CV.

A portfolio is a great way to exhibit your skills, knowledge, and experiences differently – it’s usually a lot more visually appealing, too!

Even better if you have case studies of your previous work using the STAR method (situation, task, action, results).

Motivation is key!

Finding a new role can be very stressful, and it’s easy to feel discouraged.

Focus on achieving smaller daily job-related goals so you can continue to motivate yourself throughout your search.

Don’t forget to look after yourself; take time to do what brings you joy and helps you unwind.

Make use of specialist recruitment agencies

Most companies will engage with a recruitment agency to help them fill their vacancies, and with over 27,700 recruitment agencies in the UK, there are plenty to choose from.

Search for recruitment companies that specialise in the sectors you’re looking to move into and reach out to them.

Let them know more about you and what you’re looking for, and send them your CV/portfolio to see if they have any roles available that could be a good fit.

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