How to Bounce Back from a Bad Interview

Having a bad job interview isn’t the end of the world!

Nobody is perfect; now is an ideal time to reflect, learn from, and improve your overall communication and interview skills so you’re ready to bounce back for the next interview heading your way.

We have put together four handy tips to get you back to fighting fitness, ready to take on your next interview!

Ask for feedback

While self-reflection is beneficial, there are times when it’s helpful to hear from someone else about your areas for improvement–even better if it comes directly from the source.

Always consider following up with the interviewer(s) or Recruitment Consultant for further feedback.

They should be able to let you know the areas for improvement and, in some cases, could give you pointers on how you could improve for next time.


Naturally, you will be disappointed after a bad interview, so give yourself some time to process your feelings and understand what happened. Then, consider your performance during the interview–were there any stand-out moments where you felt you struggled more and could have performed better?

Did specific questions catch you off guard? Did you take enough time to research the company? Or prepare for questions surrounding skills and knowledge mentioned in the job description?

Make a list of the areas you believe you could have done better and plan how you’d approach this differently in the future.

Practice makes perfect

Once you’ve noted your development areas, it’s time to put them into practice.

If there were specific questions you struggled with, look at some example answers online and apply this to your skills/knowledge, or note where you have transferrable skills if this area isn’t your strong suit.

If it was your lack of knowledge of the company or not enough time spent reviewing the job description, make a list of what areas would be good to brush up on before your next interview, so you show up more prepared.

If it was your overall confidence, consider practising with a family member or a friend to get used to the interview format and answering standard competency-based questions.

Don’t be afraid to get back out there

After you’ve taken the time to reflect on your interview performance, obtained insightful feedback, and planned how to do better in future interviews, it’s time to get back out there.

With our tips and your newfound awareness, you’re in a much stronger position to tackle any interviews that come your way.

Your next opportunity is on the horizon; good luck – we are sure you won’t need it.

Identify Solutions

Whether you’re preparing for an interview, looking for the next step in your career, or struggling with your CV, we’re here to help.

Our team have a variety of hints and tips to help you make the right move and a lot of support to offer along the way.

We also work with some of the most innovative and exciting companies worldwide that may be looking to hire someone just like you.

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