Why you should choose a specialist recruitment agency

More than ever, businesses are waking up to the value of partnering with a specialist recruiter.

Why? Because a specialist agency knows what skills are in demand, they know what candidates are seeking in an employer, and they know what the market salary rates are and can advise accordingly.

The difference: generalist vs specialist recruiters

A specialist hires within a particular niche, usually on higher-level jobs with particular skills. Generalist recruiters have a broader focus and work on a wide variety of positions.

Some recruitment agencies specialise in a certain industry, like finance or technology. Some will concentrate on specific functions, like marketing or accounting. Others have a generalist focus but are dedicated to a specific location.

Here at Identify Solutions, we specialise in the digital, tech, sales, marketing, product, and change sectors.

But why should you choose a specialist recruitment agency? How could a specialist enhance your business growth?

Tap into (relevant) talent pools

Generalist recruiters typically have vast candidate pools at their disposal because they cover countless roles, industries, and locations.

That might sound like a good thing – but when you’re looking for the right person to join your team and you don’t have a ton of time, it’s easier to find the right person from a well mapped, highly qualified talent pool. No hiring manager wants to spend hours sifting through ill-suited CVs.

Specialists are dedicated to your sector. This means they only engage with the candidates who are most likely to fit your growth needs.

Consultants at specialist agencies better understand your requirements because they only speak to businesses like yours.

Deeper market insights

Specialist recruiters are experts in their fields and maintain great relationships with quality candidates across the space.

You will gain key industry stats and market intelligence. This helps you identify hiring opportunities, benchmark salaries accurately, and fully prepares you for holding interviews with the candidate.

Improve your employer brand

All organisations have, (consciously or not) an employer brand.

It’s how organisations differentiate themselves in the market, enabling them to hire, retain, and engage the right people. A strong employer brand helps businesses compete for the best talent.

Specialist recruiters help you make your company culture and values transparent. This empowers you to engage better suited candidates, saving you time at the interview stage.

Specialists will be able to help you with important employer brand elements, like:

  • Employee reviews
  • Candidate personas
  • Core business values
  • Competitor hiring strategies

Talent acquisition

Recruitment is about filling vacancies. Talent acquisition is an ongoing strategy to find the best people for your company.

Some of the best candidates for your role won’t be actively looking. They need to be sought out – but where are they hiding?

Specialist recruiters use specific tools to find and match the best candidates. They can source people with unique skill sets using tailored search technology and techniques.

Many people think that the terms recruitment and talent acquisition are synonymous, but companies who keep an eye on the big picture know there’s a crucial difference between the two.

Talent acquisition tends to focus on long-term planning and finding appropriate candidates for positions that require a very specific skill set.

This is where the help of a specialist recruitment agency comes in.


Time is of the essence when it comes to hiring. One of the biggest mistakes we see companies make is not acting quickly enough.

Candidates will drop out if your interview process is too long, or if you delay in making them an offer. If you’ve managed to pinpoint a great candidate, someone else probably has, too.

Specialist recruiters work closely with both you and the candidate throughout the process. They sit in the unique position of knowing what you can offer and what the candidate will accept. They know what drives the candidate and how to close a successful offer negotiation.

Streamline your process

Anyone who has ever hired for a role knows that it can be a clunky experience.

If you’re looking in the wrong places or taking too long to make a decision, you’re likely to make a bad hire, which can be super costly.

Hiring processes can become long and unproductive if you don’t have one person driving the operation. When you are trying to do this on top of your day job, things can quickly delay.

If you’re running a busy team, your day-to-day work will naturally take priority. Using one exclusive partner will simplify and fast-track your hiring process.

Working with a specialist agency gives you guidance and direction. It gives you room to focus on the important stuff.

The takeaways

If you want to improve your hiring processes, you’ll want to nail the following bullet points.

  • Build a strong employer brand
  • Move as quickly as possible
  • Write better job descriptions
  • Embrace digital trends and social media

All of this is only made easier by partnering with a specialist recruitment agency.


Let’s face it, hiring and retaining talent in a competitive environment is a challenge.

We want to make your talent search more efficient, more cost-effective.

Get in touch with Identify Solutions today.

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