Let’s talk employer branding

In a time when attracting talent has become more competitive, a strong employer brand will separate you from the competition, consistently supporting your team with talent attraction, onboarding, and staff retention.

But, what is it?

An employer brand is what makes you stand out as an employer.

It’s your reputation – how you’re perceived by prospective candidates (through word-of-mouth or online channels) and how your existing or previous employees engage with your company.

So, let’s talk employer branding…

The impact of employer branding

Employer branding isn’t just a recruitment tool. It provides a strategy to help you build and retain an engaged workforce, flowing through each stage of the employee lifecycle.

It’s about practising the values you stand for, so you can:

  • Attract fresh talent
  • Boost your reputation in the market
  • Engage your employees
  • Exhibit your brand personality
  • Retain your existing employees
  • Showcase your values externally/internally

How can you execute your employer brand?

  • A well-designed website
  • Appearing at career events
  • Celebrate your people and teams
  • Employee testimonials
  • Engaging job ads
  • Keep your social media profiles up to date
  • Promote your values and success stories

Why is this important for recruitment?

Companies that focus on improving their employer brand are far more likely to attract and retain high-calibre people than those who choose to stay stagnant in an evolving talent market.

To continue with the growth of your business, your brand should be authentic, eye-catching, and showcase how you’re different from your competitors.

To attract talent and remain competitive, it’s important to get creative.

How can you do this?

Build a strong culture

It starts from within.

An employee-centric culture will keep your employees engaged and lead to a more fulfilling workplace.

Strong core values are the principles that guide your employees, ensuring that everybody is working towards the same shared goal.

Collaboration, development, and trust are the three key factors a company needs to innovate or build on the existing products and services – by applying new ideas and knowledge.

Assess the three factors within your organisation and build a roadmap for any improvement areas.

  • How do your teams currently collaborate?
  • What development opportunities do you offer?
  • How can we nurture our people?
  • How can we innovate our products and service offerings?

Look at the competition

Competitor analysis is a great way to understand where your strengths and weaknesses lie, providing you with opportunities to become competitive or a market leader within your market(s).

Read company reviews, look at their job postings, and check out their social media networks for an overview.

  • How does their branding come across?
  • How are your competitors attracting employees into their business?
  • What tools are they using to present themselves?

Define your message

Your messaging should showcase your proposition and values – explaining what you do and why you do it.

Ensure your tone of voice is consistent at every stage by aligning the messaging on your website with social media content, advertising, and at every touchpoint throughout the customer, candidate, and employee journeys.

Review your marketing strategy

From your website to the job ads you post, the bottom line is – that you want to attract people who truly resonate with your company values and mission.

Review your business from the perspective of a potential candidate. This is the start of making progressive and targeted changes.

  • What is your current recruitment process?
  • Does your marketing material reflect your messaging?
  • How is your business viewed (online and offline)?
  • Where are your target audiences likely to hang out?
  • How does your brand/marketing appear to outsiders who don’t know what you do?

Be human

Most importantly, be human.

Instead of appearing as just another faceless organisation, consider adding humanity to your brand by showcasing the key people within your business or adding storytelling into the mix.

By using engaging narratives, you’ll attract candidates who could see themselves in similar roles.

Our Talent Partnership Solution

We know recruitment is way more than just putting bums on seats.

We work with you on all elements of the recruitment process and candidate journey; so, you’re making the most out of your brand, talent attraction, and employee retention opportunities.

Get in touch today to see how we can support the growth of your teams!

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